Vanessa Cage Trained

Vanessa Cage Hypnotized
Vanessa Cage Taken Advantage Of

Vanessa Cage is confused... she's confused, and doesn't quite understand what's happening here. She believed that we were done with our shoot, but then she finds herself back by the sofa in front of the camera with us telling her that she wants to have sex with Luke on camera. In this clip, she's frozen because she tried to walk away again.. so Luke carries her back to the front of the sofa and starts playing with her body while she's frozen. Then I unfreeze her, and she jumps away shocked at what the heck is happening to her!! She is convinced that something fishy is going on... but the funny part is, she's right! We freeze her again, so we can sit her down on the sofa; and Luke can continue having his way with her... but I decide to also program her to say "Suck my boobs" everytime I snap my fingers. So she's telling us she doesn't wanna be here, and she doesn't know why Luke keeps sucking her boobs... until I snap my fingers, and she utters the words "Suck my boobs" with a total look of horror on her face as Luke reaches over and starts sucking on them. I keep making her say that word, over and over again to the point she is so frustrated!

Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 9 minutes
Vanessa Cage - Suck my Boobs [WMV 720p]

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Galas Discounted Full Compliation Movie

Galas Full Discounted Compilation Hypnotized
Galas Hypnotized

Galas, an older shoot of mine; was a sleeper. This clip is part one of two where we train Galas; a hot big breasted blonde beauty. We start off with her training, as she goes into the deep training state wearing a cute button down shirt, and a black skirt with some high heels her eyes begin to tear.. showing that she's letting herself go completely... When she comes up out of the training, I perform a few deepeners as well as program her with some of my magic words. She's then told that she's stuck on the bed, and everytime I snap my fingers she feels something poking her ass. All during the process, I freeze her randomly and pose her in various ways... opening her mouth, and putting her in awkward positions. You can see the emptiness in her eyes when she's frozen also. Then I do the standard lost number 5 bit.. following with the brain cleaning.. Then she is frozen again, as I start removing her clothing.. then I do a mind-sucking lens bit.

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Isobel Wren Hypnotized

Isobel Wren Hypnotized
Isobel Wren Hypnotized

I've always wanted to shoot Isobel Wren for many years, and finally this year she agreed to work with me at Fetishcon.  In this series of clips, we easily get her under, and start performing various skits and scenarios with her.  She's completely accepting of all my suggestions without realizing why, as you can see when looking through these clips.
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Angie Noir Test Shoot Full Video

Angie Noir Hypnotized
Angie Noir Hypnotized

Angie Noir, a super hot MILF with jet black hair and huge breasts wanted to try my training session... and while I was attending Fetishcon fully booked with shoots, I wanted to do a quick test training to insure that she can be trained in preparation for a full on video coming up soon. In this video, I perform a somewhat instant training including the full training part in this video (short as it is). Angie was a superb subject, able to reach a deep training state quickly.. I then proceeded to do a series of FREEZE sets with her, testing her ability to become frozen rock solid. At one point, I rock her frozen body back and forth and she stays completely stuck! Of course, I have to expose her big beautiful breasts while frozen, so she becomes shocked at what happens. Then with a handshake, she remembers all of what she does as she laughs and then says goodbye.

Price: $24.99 USD
Length: 24 minutes
Angie Noir - Full Set Test Shoot [MP4 1080p]
Angie Noir - Full Set Test Shoot [MP4 720p]

Harmony Trained

Harmony Hypnotized
Harmony Hypnotized

In going through my video archives, I found Harmony's video set that I never used before!  Harmony is a beautiful blonde bombshell that has been published many times in various publications; and she came to me wanting to be trained.   I figured since this was an older, lost set; that I would publish it in a full discounted compilation.  Click more to see some photographs and links! Continue reading Harmony Trained