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Nikki Brooks 2009 Full discounted Compilation

Nikki Brooks 2009 Full Movie Compilation

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Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 83 min
Size: 1679 Mb

Nikki Brooks is by far one of my favorite models that I've worked with, and this shoot done back in 2009 has been re-encoded and re-released in a discounted format for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy watching her submit to my voice, and become my puppet in the various scenerios that include the following scenes:


Never before released version of Nikki Brooks full programming sessions, where you watching me submit Nikki into her state of being controlled. Enjoy watching her slowly fall under my control.

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Chi Chi Discounted Compilation

Chi Chi in Controlled Discounted

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Time: 99 min
Size: 1657 Mb

Chi Chi is a hot brunette petite model that has come to our couch to experience my programming, and as such turned out to be an excellent subject. Enjoy watching her in this extreme discounted version! This version includes the following scenes:

Chi Chi Medina in Controlled

Chi Chi Medina is a brand new model to my couch, and we start off with a short introduction on who she is. I ask her a series of questions, such as her favorite food, movie, etc... once we get to know her a little bit better, I start my PROGRAM and start relaxing her, and talking to her; convincing her to let go... and to become under my spell...
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Dava Foxx is Under my Spell


Dava Foxx in Programming

Welcome Dava Foxx to our couch, where we start off with a brief introduction interview with her before we start the programming session. Dava is a beautiful brunette that happened to be interested in working with me... After the interview, enjoy watching as she slowly submits to my PROGRAM. Some limp hand play, and eye checks included. Continue reading Dava Foxx is Under my Spell

Hannah Perez Tranced Again

I first shot Hannah Perez at Fetishcon a few years back, and just recently she contacted me saying she was going to be in my area and really wanted to work with me again.  So I jumped at the opportunity, and decided to bring her into my studios to do another shoot!

Hannah Perez Hypnotized Hypnosis
Hannah Perez being Hypnotized

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Time: 18 min
Size: 737 Mb
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Hannah Perez, Trained

Hannah Perez Hypnotized
Hannah Perez Hypnotized

Welcome Hannah Perez, smoking hot brunette to my couch. Here she is coming out of her training session with me, and a quite unique thing happened while she was being trained; which is slightly captured in this clip. Watching me train Hannah, Amiee Cambridge was sitting on the sofa on the other side of the room; and she happened to get inadvertently trained too! You can hear her cursing me off camera, as she wakes up when I wake Hannah up.. and then rushes out of the room.. quite hilarious! Anyhow, then we focus our attention back to Hannah where I perform a deepener, and then freeze her in place while I pan across her beautiful form with my camera, showing her hands, posing them, and then panning back out.

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Length: 6 minutes

Hannah Perez - Freeze [WMV 720p]

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