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Chi Chi Discounted Compilation

Chi Chi in Controlled Discounted

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Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 99 min
Size: 1657 Mb

Chi Chi is a hot brunette petite model that has come to our couch to experience my programming, and as such turned out to be an excellent subject. Enjoy watching her in this extreme discounted version! This version includes the following scenes:

Chi Chi Medina in Controlled

Chi Chi Medina is a brand new model to my couch, and we start off with a short introduction on who she is. I ask her a series of questions, such as her favorite food, movie, etc... once we get to know her a little bit better, I start my PROGRAM and start relaxing her, and talking to her; convincing her to let go... and to become under my spell...
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Casey Calvert Discounted and a Must See!

casey calvert hypnotized
Casey Calvert Stuck to the Sofa

I'm proud to release my shoot with Casey Calvert in a full movie compilation at a discounted price so more of you may enjoy watching this awesome girl get hypnotized, and made to do very very bad things.  The one thing that stood out to me about Casey was her attitude.  She is full of life, and has a real submissive streak in her which lent well to my programming of her.  Click more to read and see more photo's of this beautiful girl becoming compliant to everything I ask of her. Continue reading Casey Calvert Discounted and a Must See!

Cory Chase – Cheerleader Revenge

hypnotized cheerleader challenge
Cheerleader Challenge

This shoot was quite interesting... Cory Chase plays a cheerleader.. one that bullied me in high school.  Many years later, I am able to reek my revenge on her by hypnotizing her and making her do bad bodily movements on herself, much to her horror and shock...  Cory Chase - Bully Cheerleader Challenge [WMV 1080p] Continue reading Cory Chase – Cheerleader Revenge