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Mya Tranced…

Mya in Programming

Welcome Mya, a new hot blonde bombshell. She comes to my couch ready to be programmed. She’s been through this before for personal reasons, so I knew she would be an excellent subject for my type of PROGRAM. We start off with an introductory interview, so we get to know her a bit better, and then segue into a few tests. During the test, I can see she’s already swaying and ready to drop, so I do an instant PROGRAM and before I know it she falls limp into my arms. I quickly bring her back, and guide her to the sofa, and have her sit upright. Continue reading

Dava Foxx is Under my Spell


Dava Foxx in Programming

Welcome Dava Foxx to our couch, where we start off with a brief introduction interview with her before we start the programming session. Dava is a beautiful brunette that happened to be interested in working with me… After the interview, enjoy watching as she slowly submits to my PROGRAM. Some limp hand play, and eye checks included. Continue reading

Christy Mack Discounted Compilation

Christy Mack in Full Compilation pt 1 of 2

Christy Mack Sex Doll
Christy Mack hypnotized into a frozen mannequin doll sex play thing

Introducing another discounted full compilation of another favorite model of mine, Christy Mack. Famous for the Lego contest that was stopped by Lego themselves… before this ever happened, she came to me and was PROGRAMMED by me successfully! Enjoy watching these two discounted clips. This clip includes the following:

Christy Mack – Full Compilation Pt 1 of 2 [MP4 1080p]
Price: $29.99 USD
Time: 83 min
Size: 1392 Mb
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Christy Mack – Full Compilation Pt 2 of 2 [MP4 1080p]
Price: $29.99 USD
Time: 85 min
Size: 1475 Mb
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Alora Discounted Full Movie

Alora in Full Compilation pt 1 of 2

Another full movie two part compilation heavily discounted for your pleasure. We first worked with Alora a few years ago after finding her on a modeling website… never thinking we would be able to get her on our training couch… but still persuing her, she surpsied us all by saying yes. Enjoy the very first time we shot her here at an affordable rate.

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Price: $21.99 USD
Time: 49 min
Size: 1000 Mb        

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