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Make Money – Model For Us

Do you want to get hypnotized? We are always interested in working with new girls! Fill out our form, and we will be in touch. Standard pay rates ranges from $75/hour to $150+/hour based upon limitations and other factors.

Hypnosis questions

Keep in mind, that if in the back of your head you are thinking 'He can't hypnotize me', you are right. And for any reason I can not hypnotize you, we can not complete the shoot. If this is the case, I will know within 20-30 minutes of our start time; and I will pay you a small fee for the time used and we will shake hands and part ways. 🙂 Its rare that this happens, and I'm sure if you have interest - we can make it work!

Your Comfort Level

Please describe your limitations and comfort levels to allow us to offer you the best rates for your time.
FYI: The hypnosis shoot requires at a minimum non-sexual touching. Non-sexual touching means no touching of the breasts, or vagina areas. If you select that you are not OK with any touching, chances of you being selected will be slim.

About You

If you only shoot topless, upload a topless photo. Otherwise full nude, or none.
Close up of your face only