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Hypnosis questions

Keep in mind, that if in the back of your head you are thinking 'He can't hypnotize me', you are right. And for any reason I can not hypnotize you, we can not complete the shoot. If this is the case, I will know within 20-30 minutes of our start time; and I will pay you a small fee for the time used and we will shake hands and part ways. 🙂 Its rare that this happens, and I'm sure if you have interest - we can make it work!

Your Comfort Level

Please describe your limitations and comfort levels to allow us to offer you the best rates for your time.
FYI: The hypnosis shoot requires at a minimum non-sexual touching. Non-sexual touching means no touching of the breasts, or vagina areas.

About You

If you only shoot topless, upload a topless photo. Otherwise full nude, or none.
Close up of your face only